Vitamins for Erectile Dysfunction

Vitamins for Erectile Dysfunction

Vitamins for Erectile Dysfunction
By Mark Alexander, Penis Extenders Review

Erectile dysfunction, by definition, is a problem wherein a man would not be able to achieve or, for that matter, maintain an erection to complete the intercourse process. Unfortunately, the problem has become widespread amongst men for a variety of reasons ranging from emotional to physical. As the problem is quite common amongst men, it has given rise to a very detailed and elaborate industry for erectile dysfunction solving drugs. However, the best way to deal with this problem is naturally because erectile dysfunction’s causes usually relate to blood flow in the penis. As a result of this, it is believed by medical and nutritional experts that erectile dysfunction can be resolved with appropriate intake of the right vitamins. Here are some details pertaining to the same.

1.  Vitamin C:
This vitamin would help a patient of erectile dysfunction by improving the blood pressure in the penis. Vitamin C is very useful for your body when it comes to regulation of blood flow because it can deal with excess cholesterol in the body which, in turn, improves the blood pressure. Along with this Vitamin C also supports important sexual functions such as improving the sperm count and helping with motility. In the majority of situations, it is advised that the patient take vitamin C supplements three times a day.

2.  Vitamin A:
Vitamin A holds the potential of improving your ability to get and maintain an erection because it is critical in the modulation of progesterone, which is a major reproductive hormone, in the body.

3.  B complex vitamins:
These groups of vitamins are known to be crucial for the proper functioning of the entire body. In terms of erections, Vitamin B1 or thiamine would be able to improve the patient’s nerve transmission and cellular energy. While nerve transmission will help the person get erections better, the improved cellular energy can directly help him increase the period for which he can hold them. Along with this, Vitamin B3, another member of the distinguished B complex family, can reduce cholesterol levels in the body and boost circulation.

4.  Vitamin E:
The advantages of antioxidants in the body are well documented online and offline. With regard to sexual functions Vitamin E, which is a major antioxidant, promotes the creation of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins hold a very close relationship with a person’s sex drive.

5.  Zinc:
It has been noted by various researches and tests that men with the problem of erectile dysfunction have a deficit of zinc in their body. A man’s semen contains a lot of zinc which is primarily stored in the prostate gland. Right amounts of zinc will also promote sperm and testosterone creation in the body.

It can be particularly difficult for a patient to naturally try and get all the vitamins listed above, in the right amounts, to counter the problem of erectile dysfunction. The reason for this is nothing but logistical problems of getting foods rich in the right nutrients and measuring the amount consumed. Therefore, it is highly advised that successful and well tested supplements be used for maximum results.

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