Semen volume enhancing pills have been associated with a number of claims. Among the most commonly claimed benefits of taking such pills includes:

  • The ability to slightly improve penis size.
  • Making erections more firm.
  • Helping men avoid the embarrassment of premature ejaculation.
  • Increasing the volume of sperm and providing more powerful orgasms.

Now SpermoMax can be added to the list of products that make such claims. Offered by a New Zealand based company, the pills promise to treat low sperm count, while treating a decrease in potency and loss of ejaculation pleasure caused by age or other factors.


According to the official product website, men will see results after just 2 weeks of using SpermoMax. Men simply pop two pills a day and wait to feel an increase in ejaculation fluid volume caused by the pills ability to treat underlying causes of low testosterone production. For those looking for almost immediate results however, up to four pills a day can be taken.

Ease of Use

Side effects with SpermoMax are not a major cause for concern. The users who did report side effects mainly listed nausea as their main complaint. Side effects were usually effectively treated by taking the product with food and consuming plenty of water when consuming. Side effects associated with SpermoMax appear to be insignificant and rare. Men who suffer from heart conditions or any other serious medical conditions, however, should first check with their doctors before taking SpermoMax.


Products such as SpermoMax work to increase the amount of testosterone circulating throughout the body, helping men to experience more powerful ejaculations and better intensity of orgasms. The results of the product, however, can be even further enhanced when men take steps to treat underlying causes of poor sexual stamina and health. For instance, losing excessive weight and exercising can help further advance sexual health in men.


The ingredients in SpermoMax take their cue from other male impotence treatments and testosterone enhancers and use a 350-milligram blend of several aphrodisiacs, herbs and other ingredients thought to be powerfully capable of treating male sexual dysfunction. SpermoMax does not contain as many ingredients as some of the other sexual enhancers we have come across. We have come across some products that contain a dozen ingredients or more, it does, however, prove to be one of the more unique formulas we have ever encountered. One of the more intriguing ingredients included in the pills are nutmeg, besides being a spice, nutmeg is considered an aphrodisiac, helping men quickly get into the mood and adding an energy boost which may help  improve stamina.


Considering that SpermoMax is based out of New Zealand, we were extremely skeptical that this product would work as advertised. After using the product for several weeks, however, we were proven wrong. SpermoMax did help us achieve firmer erections and up our sexual stamina, with some users achieving stamina that was twice as great as before. A steady surge in energy and an increased desire to engage in sex also increased confidence and assertiveness in the bedroom.

Final Verdict

Yes, semen volume pills such as SpermoMax can work and the positive testimonials and reviews that can be found online are reassuring.  The positive reputation built up by the company behind SpermoMax is also another plus to consider. Overall, SpermoMax looks like a promising aid to help men achieve better orgasms and sexual stamina, while also aiding men looking to recover from impotence and regain their ability to thrill themselves and their sexual partners.

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