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Genetics play a major role in how penis size develops. The SizeGeneticsTM System is a complete penile extension solution that can increase penis size by up to 30% or greater. size genetics systemThe Size Genetic system includes a medically approved penis extender  along with a penile exercise DVD, 2 lovemaking DVDs,  as well as powerful penis exercise and sex techniques provided from top sex guides – LovecentriaTM and PenisHealth.

The Size Genetics system is one of a handful of medically approved devices  to enlarge the penis when used as directed. Benefits include increases in length, girth, stronger erections and increased sexual stamina due to increased blood flow.  The extender does not require a doctor prescription. However, the device needs to be worn upwards of 8 hours a day for maximum results. By applying a constant traction over the length of the penis, the device triggers the body’s growth function.


  • Can increase length and girth up to 30%
  • Used by real penis enlargement surgeons
  • A Type 1 Medical Device
  • Clincally tested and safe for men of all ages
  • Over 16 years in business
  • 180 day money back guarantee
  • Discreet and FREE shipping
  • Can straighten curved penis
  • Featured in major media and news outlets, including GQ Magazine
  • Extremely andable design
  • Includes spare parts that allows you to increase the extender as penis grows
  • Comes with instructional DVD and private storage box


  • Does not include penis enhancement supplements
  • Not available in stores

SizeGeneticsTM costs several hundred dollars depending on the package and add-ons you select and is actually cheaper than competing brands such as Pro Extender. A $50 discount is available with purchase of their full system package. It remains a relatively inexpensive item when compared to the more costly and and dangerous surgery. We were impressed by the high quality parts and construction of the device.

Common problems with cheap devices include:

  • Bending – This is caused by the use of low quality materials and can cause discomfort for users.
  • Noose – Can easily cut off blood supply to penis.

Unique 16 Way Comfort Mechanism

If the penis extender you buy is not comfortable than how can you expect to wear it? The Size Genetics penis extender is one of the most comfortable penis extenders we have tested. Never did we experience and discomfort or pain. The comfort design mechanism allows you to wear the device all day with ease. It is important your extender fits comfortably since they all require extensive use to get the maximum results. With the Size Genetics this is not a problem.

Size Genetics uses what they call “The Ultimate Comfort System”. This system allows users to wear the device 16 different ways for maximum comfort. This is made possible by the option to use a silicon noose, latex grips, comfort strap, or non-slip protech matt strap. More details here. MDA (Multi Directional Angling) allows users to achieve precise positioning and a wide variety of angles so comfort is maintained all day.

Over $300 Worth of Bonuses are also included:

  • Traction Plus Power – Designed to reduce slippage of the device thus increasing its effectiveness and make wearing the device more comfortable for extended periods of time
  • Revita Cream Aftercare moisturizing cream – A specially formulated mosturizer that ensures your penis is kept moisturized after usage and ready for tommorows workout.
  • Online Access to Videos – The Size Genetics system includes access to online penis exercise videos along with 54 DVDs worth of lovemaking content which teaches you to become highly proficient in the bedroom. Topics include sexual positions, how to give the most amazing oral pleasure, and countless other secrets for mind blowing sex.
  • Size Genetics also comes with the PenisHealth exercise system available on DVD or online. This system contains over 200 step by step instructions and clinically supported exercises to achieve fuller, thicker, and harder erections. It also contains exercises designed to increase erection power and minimize premature ejaculation

Company Information

Company Name: Permenda Ltd
Years In Business: 1995-2011
Contact#: 1-800-209-1670

Address: Suite 3A
Park Lane Business Center
Old Basford

As Seen On TV

Size Genetics was recently featured on the show “Extreme Male Beauty” starring Tim Shaw. The focus on the segment was wether natural penis extension was at all possible. The Size Genetics system was investigated to see whether it lived up to the claims and could truly increase penis size.

Tim decided to make a cast of of his penis before and after his two week test period. This was a rather ingenious way to see if it any discernible gains could be measured. After the program, Tim gained  over a half inch in erection length in 2 weeks. I was a bit surprised by his dramatic gains and would like to stress his quick results are not typical. Most users will have to commit three to 6 months for permanent gains. Regardless, it is a small price to pay for the enjoyment you will be able to share with your sexual partner.

An Important Note About Definitive Claims

With so much misinformation being spread around in the male enhancement market, we want to set the record straight. You may have noticed in our review that we have avoided making definitive claims. The reasoning for this has to do with the fact that many consumers have been duped into buying products that can not back up the veracity of their claims. In addition, people will simply buy the device, not use it properly, and therefor not see any gains. If used properly, the Size Genetics penis extender can dramatically improve the size of your penis. This of course, depends on whether the user adheres to the instructions and recommended usage outlined in the program.

Size Genetics Results

Most users have reported gains in as little as one month. It is recommended that you adhere to a daily routine for the first six months for optimal gains in length and girth. If you look at the Size Genetics forum you will find typical success stories like this which was posted by one user:

“My manhood was 4.5 inches flaccid, 5.5 inches upright and 5.4 inches in girth is now 6.6 inches flaccid, a whopping 7.2 inches in period and 6 inches in girth. Now maybe the only problem I have is I won’t be able to use my normal size condoms. I need XL condoms now.”

Your results will depend on frequency and duration of use. Using the penis exercises outlined in the Penis Health program will further accelerate your progress.

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Aside from several great endorsements from medical professionals and satisfied users, this device has also has gained tremendous credibility from the public in the aftermath of its appearance on BBC TV’s Jonathan Ross Show as well as GQ Magazine. Their six month guarantee, reasonable pricing, and excellent customer support make this one of our top rated penis extenders.

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