Permanent Penis Enlargement

Permanent Penis Enlargement

Permament Penis Enlargement Techniques
By Mark Alexander, Penis Extenders Review

Penis enhancement has become its own cottage industry over the past decade. Many people have looked to various methods of permanent penis enlargement and come away frustrated. There are a variety of different approaches, from pills to surgeries and each carries their own risks and benefits. Here, we will explore some of the more prominent penis-enhancement methods, and what men can expect from them.

Penis enhancement surgery is something that for many is too high cost to explore. There are other issues with this method of permanent penis enlargement. Unfortunately, the majority of men who actually have gone the surgical route have been shown to be dissatisfied with the results. Typical surgical results add about a half an inch to the length of a flaccid penis, but the risks for that little gain are numerous. Penis-enhancement surgery can often lead to problems and complications such as loss of function, loss of sensation, scars and infection. Additionally, penis enlargement surgery is often not indicated for cosmetic purposes, so it may be difficult to find a doctor willing to perform the surgery.


The methods of permanent penis enlargement most commonly seen are pills and lotions. These also seem to be the least risky of the group, and can often be the least expensive. However, men should consider that not all of these products are as safe as they seem and they may carry side effect risks. These products usually include various vitamins, herbs, hormones or minerals that are supposed to effectively enlarge the penis. Men who wish to try this route should be very careful of unrealistic claims, and also explore the individual ingredients of each product to insure safety.

Vacuum Pumps

Most people know about the penis vacuum pumps on the market. These pumps work by pulling blood flow into the penis and they can often be effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. However, penis pumps have to be used over an extended period of time for enlargement purposes, and this can cause tissue damage to the penis itself by damaging the elastic tissue. This can ironically lead to erections that are less than optimal. Though the penis pumps are decent for the treatment of ED, they may not be the safest or most effective route to take for permanent penis enlargement for this reason. Another downside is that the results are not lasting.


Jelqing is an unfamiliar term for something many men are quite familiar with. Penis-enhancement exercises utilize a sort of hand over hand squeezing action that works similarly to a penis pump. It moves the blood from the base to the head of the penis itself. There are a number of different methods that are advertised, and these are usually seen in tandem with lotions intended to extend penis size.


Another method that is steadily rising in popularity involves stretching the penis. To that end, a device known as a penis extender is used to put traction on the penis, which then usually yields anywhere from a half inch to an inch of length. Essentially, these work on the principal that when certain parts of the body are stretched, spaces between the cells open up. As this happens, growth is triggered- allowing for healing as the nearby cells will divide to fill those spaces. This then adds to tissue growth, which, in the case of the penis can bring about greater length.

Penis Extenders

A number of recent medical studies have indicated that use of a penis extender is much safer and that traction is an effective means for penis enlargement when done according to direction. Though this is not a fast-acting method of permanent penis enlargement, it does seem to offer hope to those who are seeking to add some length in a safe way.

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