Penis Myths Debunked

Penis Myths Debunked

Penis Myths Debunked
By Mark Alexander, Penis Extenders Review writer

Ironically enough, a recent study aimed at discrediting several sex myths has determined that men are far more concerned about penis length than what women are. Contrary to what many men believe, approximately 90% of women are more concerned about width than they are about length. Also, 85% of the women involved said they were completely satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis, and yet only 55 % of men feel the same way about their penis size.

The review which was carried out by doctors from two of the UK’s leading hospitals combines the results from more than 50 global research projects regarding penis size and small penis syndrome. These results have been coming in ever since 1942.

The issue regarding what women find attractive in men is by all accounts a complex affair, but the vast majority of data obtained would suggest that penis size is nowhere near the top of the list. In fact, women are more concerned about personality and whether or not a man spends enough time grooming himself. According to the “British Journal of Urology”, the average size of an erect penis is between 5.5 inches and 6.2 inches in length, and between 4.7 inches and 5.1 inches in circumference.

Penis Related Myths

The above mentioned study also helps to clear up some other misconceptions regarding male genitalia. For example, a person’s race has absolutely nothing to do with penis this size. Furthermore, and contrary to what many tend to believe, the penises of older men are no smaller than those of young men.

One interesting fact which did come to light is that “small penis syndrome, is undeniably more common between men that have a normal penis size. During an online survey involving 52,000 men, twelve percent of them said that they believe their penis is too small, and yet it is believed that only 0.6% to really do suffer from having a micropenis. Studies have also shown that small penis syndrome usually begins at a relatively young age, with at least 63% of men stating that there anxieties started during childhood when they first began comparing their own penis size to that of others, such as older brothers for example. The remaining 37% of men blame their condition on the fact that they viewed erotic images and pornography during their teenage years.

Penis Size and Foot Size

Two urologists from London carried out a study where they measured penis length together with shoe size, and the resultant of that study sure that there’s absolutely no correlation between the size of a man’s penis and the size of a man’s feet.

Women and Penis Size

During a comprehensive study undertaken in 2002, women were asked what they felt was more important regarding a man’s penis. Is it the length, or is it the girth? In the study, women could choose one of four answers regarding the length and the girth………….

1. totally unimportant
2. unimportant
3. important
4. very important

Of all the surveys returned, the overwhelming majority of women felt that penis size is of little importance. Only twenty percent said that size was important to them, and only one percent said size is very important. As far as girth is concerned, 31 percent said it’s important, and two percent said very important.

Length, Girth, and Sexual Pleasure for Females

As you’ve probably heard others say in the past, “it’s not the size that matters; it’s what you do with it”. This believe probably stems from the classic works of masters and Johnson in which they stated that there’s actually know physiological reason as to why the size of a man’s penis would effect sexual pleasure for a woman. Another reputable paper was published in 2001, and this concerned a number of women that were asked whether or not the length and girth of emails penis has any effect on the pleasure they experience during intercourse. No less than 90 percent stated that for thickness is more important than length as far as sexual pleasure is concerned.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

For the market for penis enlargement has flourished, but of course this is due to the fact that so many men are obsessed with having a bigger penis. The question remains however……………..what works and what doesn’t work?

Drugs and Creams

There are currently thousands, if not tens of thousands of advertisements regarding penis enlargement, and the chances are your e-mail inbox probably gets bombarded with such nonsense everyday. Almost all these had been dismissed promise to deliver “unbelievable” results, but you need to bear in mind that there is only one honest word in these advertisements, and that is the word “unbelievable”. The truth of the matter is that there are currently no magic pills or lotions capable of increasing the size of a penis.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps and other similar devices are frequently recommended for treating conditions such as impotence, but of course there also advertised for the sake of penis enlargement. While such devices can certainly increase the size of your penis, the increase in size is only temporary. These pumps are usually placed over the penis, and then the air within them is drawn out in order to create a vacuum. This process forces blood into the penis and that in turn causes an erection. Once the penis is erect, a ring is applied around the base of the penis in order to prevent the blood from draining away too soon. At best, this sort of penis enlargement will only deliver results for approximately 24 hours. One should go over there in mind that there are some known side effects. For example, blood vessels can rupture, so if you intend using such a device, you need to make sure you use one which has been properly designed.

Penis Exercises

Contrary to what some men believe, penis size can not be increased by doing exercises. Remember, there are no muscles present in the penis.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

If you really must have a bigger penis, then you’ll need to acknowledge the fact that surgery is the only way to achieve permanent results. If it should also be mentioned however that even penis surgery cannot give you a few extra inches, but instead, the length of the penis is usually increased by one inch, or perhaps a little bit more. Generally speaking, the surgeon will cut the ligaments which hold the penis in position, and with these cut, the penis can then be extended. After surgery, patients will usually need to use either weights or a stretching device for a few months. On the downside, the procedure often leaves a patient with unsightly tissue scarring, and also, the penis will usually point in a downward direction even when it’s erect.

A dermal implant is also a surgical procedure sometimes use for increasing both the length and the girth of a penis. This procedure involves the transplanting of fat cells, from other areas of the body to the penis. The downside here is that only the size of the shaft can be altered, thus meaning that the head of the penis remains unchanged, so of course the end result often looks quite strange.

Grafted tissue cells can on occasions also result in clumping, and this in turn leaves you with a penis which has a very uneven surface. For this reason, many surgeons will only be willing to perform such a procedure if there are really no other options available to you.

Cost of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Irrespective of what type of penis surgery you go for, you can expect to pay anything from $4,000 her all the way up to $17,000 or more.

Possible Complications

Just as with any type of surgery, there is always a risk of complications, but with penis enlargement surgery, the complications can also be psychological.

* Not everyone finds the results of penis enlargement surgery satisfactory
* Anxiety may overshadow the pleasure of having a bigger penis
* During surgery, there is always the risk of something going wrong
* After the operation, an infection could set in
* Surrounding tissues and nerves can be damaged during surgery
* Some people suffer from side effects with regards to an anesthesia

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