Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery
By Mark Alexander, Penis Extenders Review writer

Penile augmentation or penis enlargement surgery has been around for quite some time. The idea is to increase the size of the penis and feel better about yourself when enjoying those intimate moments with your partner. However, according to various information out there you can end up enduring problems because of the procedure. When you have penis enlargement surgery there are two different types of procedures. You can either go for girth or increase the length. In most cases the individual going through the process decides to take advantage of both surgeries. Even though the option of penis enlargement surgery has been around, it’s never been proven to be a successful technique. In order to increase the thickness they will take fat cells from the abdomen and inject them around the penis. Think of it as a healthier Botox injection, because it is only temporary.

There has been success in this area, but the fat cells end up feeling extremely soft. Many people compare them to the softness of a woman’s breast, and once the fat cells are reabsorbed into the body, the thickness goes away. Then of course you have to think about the dangers that come along with penis enlargement surgery. If you look at all the pros and cons, the dangers outweigh the benefits. Plus you have to consider how expensive a procedure like this can be. The penis enlargement surgery is not only expensive, but it’s also the least effective.

Ways To Increase Penis Size

What it comes down to is there are plenty of other ways to increase your penis size, and do so without spending tons of money. You also won’t have to endure penis enlargement surgery. The most important thing to do if you want to increase your size is use a non-invasive technique. It’s something that will increase the blood flow to your erectile tissues, and without worrying about side effects.This has been back by medical research as the best way to increase penis length and girth.

If you do opt for penis enlargement surgery those transplanted fat cells can leave the penis looking deformed. This is due to them reabsorbing back into the body. Taking the actual surgery will mean doctors cut the ligaments that support the penis. This allows the large section of the penile shaft hidden inside the body to drop out. The end result is you look like you have a longer penis. The corpora cavernosa is the spongy tissue that extends from the penis to your body. It’s what fills with blood to create an erection. This type of surgery only offers a small increase in length. Once the surgery is over you will be required to stretch the penis so that the severed suspensory ligament doesn’t heal shorter.

Some of the recovery could also include wearing weight on the penis or simple manual stretching. This can take months and you will probably have to do it several times per day. My point is; penis surgery usually doesn’t work the way you expect it to work. This is especially true if you consider the fact that most medical teams will tell you that an inch or more (which is extremely rare) is considered a huge success. Unfortunately it takes the procedure itself and the months of rehabilitation just to make this happen. So if you’re thinking about spending $3,000 to $10,000 for the chance at one inch, you might as well go put that money on the lottery and see what happens. In the end there is no guarantee that you will have an increase in length. If you do it’s possible that it will only be a short term facade.

Other Dangers

Even though the issues above are enough to make you think twice about penis enlargement surgery, I have plenty more for you. One of the them is that the ligaments are no longer anchored and will be hanging loose. This can be a monumental issue, and when you are having sex your erection could slip and shift. It’s also possible that your erections will point to the side or even downwards because of this issue. I will even go as far to say that once you have penis surgery your erections will never point upward again. It’s also important to understand that this entire process can be extremely painful. In fact, you could be dealing with the pain for weeks after the procedure. You could also be looking at a deformed looking penis, issues with impotence, and a lack of sex drive, scarring, poor circulation, and even damage to the nerves. Then you might not even qualify to have penis enlargement surgery done. Surgeons only take individuals who are mature and are emotionally stable. They will give you the news upfront and help you to understand that realistic expectations should be applied here.

You Need to Remember

Anytime you even consider penis enlargement surgery you have to be fully aware of the risks. The surgeon should be well versed and know exactly what he or she is doing. Over the years, penis surgery has seen tremendous advancements, but not enough to keep surgeons from refusing to offer it. Again, the risks heavily outweigh the advantages. It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you’re dealing with penis insecurities, penis enlargement surgery is not the answer. Just look for an effective and safe non-invasive penis enlargement technique. In the end you will improve your sexual abilities and without dealing with catastrophic problems down there.

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