How to Make Your Penis Longer

How to Make Your Penis Longer

Just as breast size is important to many women; many men have deep anxiety about the size of their penis. While the size of his penis truly has no effect on a man’s ability to satisfy the one he loves, and the large penises often seen in adult films do not represent the standard penis size of most men, there are ways to enhance the size of your penis if you are truly determined to do so.


One of the easiest and least costly ways to enhance the length of your penis is through exercise. Being physically fit gives your groin extra “padding” and gives the penis the appearance of being larger. The penis itself is a muscle but cannot be lengthened through exercise, or through masturbation. However strong muscular legs and thighs and tight, fit abdomen are ways to improve the appearance of your groin and thereby improve the appearance of your penis. Being overweight only helps to hide the penis and extra weight can make it look smaller.

Surgical Options

A man’s penis can be made larger through a surgical technique that involves implants being attached from the pelvis to the base of the penis in order to provide a longer penis. This procedure also adds “girth” to a penis. The surgical penis lengthening procedure has been performed with success on many patients but as with any surgery there are risks involved. Have a consultation with your surgeon before the procedure and be sure to choose a surgeon who is board certified and qualified to perform a surgical penis lengthening procedure. The most common side effect of having penis surgery is inability to control the direction of the penis and there have been cases of accidental severing of ligaments.

Herbs, Creams & Pumps

Despite all of the heavy advertising there are no pumps, herbal tablets, creams or powders that make your penis bigger. Claims to the contrary are fraudulent and these types of products only  increase erection size and do not create permanent results. Vacuum pumps are useful for self-gratification but little else. If the vacuum is too strong using a pump can result in broken blood vessels and can cause permanent scarring. Again, save your money and your penis.

Penis Extenders

Permanent results can be achieved through the use of traction by attaching light weights to your penis or using a mechanical device, sometimes referred to as a penis extender. Penis extenders represent a safe and efficient top-notch option. They not only cause significant increase in both thickness and length of the penis but also help you correct various structural and functional problems of the penis such as Peyronie’s disease, abnormal curvatures and erectile dysfunction (impotence).

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