Dangers of Jelqing

Dangers of Jelqing

Dangers of Jelqing
By Mark Alexander, Penis Extenders Review writer

Even though men have been concerned about penis enlargement ever since the beginning of time, many still remain in the dark, and these people are also the ones which tend to offer their opinions even though they know nothing about the subject. Of course this is a common human trait, in and some people like to discredit things even if they have no relevant experience. It’s almost as if they want to appear knowledgeable by warning others about nonexistent dangers.

If for example you went about asking men if they know anything about jelqing, the chances are most guys would make as if they know all about it, and don’t be surprised if many of them tell you it’s dangerous or that it’s simply doesn’t work. This is exactly why so many potential penis enlargement customers continue to be confused regarding the matter.

As many men have already found out, the technique of jelqing canned certainly help you to achieve results, but with that said, they are indeed certain dangers you need to be made aware of. Not only can these dangers prevent you from achieving your goal, but they can also cause you physical harm. So, what are the dangers?

#1. Ruptured blood vessels - This is perhaps the  most common problem, and in most cases it results in the penis  having a black or blue appearance. The discoloration, which is  primarily caused by jelqing too hard, will usually disappear within  a few days. Failure to use a suitable lubricant can also result in discoloration of the penis shaft.

#2. Minor wounds such as cuts and rashes - For the most part, this only happen when the technique is performed  incorrectly, but if it does happen, jelqing should be stopped the  immediately until after full recovery has been made.

In the vast majority of cases, the above mentioned problems are only experienced when a person fails to follow the correct instructions regarding the proper jelqing technique. For example, many men will begin performing the technique only once they have achieved a full direction, whereas it should ideally be done when the penis is only semi-erect.


Jelqing is a technique which has been around for ages already, although with that said, it remains unclear as to where and when it was first developed. Many believe that the technique for regenerated in the Middle East or in Africa. The actual technique is certainly not dangerous, and yet there are still so many people who go about advising against it, “in that there are just too many dangers involved. Basically, when you perform the technique you’re essentially training your penis to accommodate an increase the amount of blood when it’s erect. This is also why one needs to use one hand as a clamp at the base of the shaft while the other hand is doing the actual jelqing.

By moving blood around within the penis, additional pressure is applied to certain areas of the penis, and this in turn causes some of the cells to break open. As part of the body’s natural healing mechanism, the tissues any dead cells, and when they are replaced, there are always more of them than at first, and this of course results in an increase in size. The biggest danger comes from being hasty, given that the vast majority of men expect to see results overnight. This often leads to them jelqing more than necessary, and as a result, the body doesn’t have enough time to repair itself. It’s important for men to remember that they are not going to gain inches within a matter of days. The key to success is consistency, rather than trying to push our self too far too soon.

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