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FAQ of Penis Extenders

What exactly is the penis “traction” device? These devices apply a continuous strengthening force in addition to continuous pressure causing traction to the penis as a way to help permanently lengthen and enlarge the penis. The most effective and popular model available was created by an Urologist and then created by a Denmark medical company. […]

Dangers of Penis Pills

If you believe the advertisements, men who experience problems in the bedroom can pop a pill once a day and instantly enjoy more passionate, longer-lasting, satisfying sexual experiences that leave them feeling confident about their manliness. Naturally, men of all ages are lining up to try the latest miracle drug. But health care professionals caution […]

Average Male Genital Size

The Average Size of Male Genitals There are many seemingly unanswered questions, but the three most common ones tend to be whether or not life exists on Mars, who actually built the pyramids, and of course, what’s the average size of male genitals. If the truth be known however, the average guy spends more time thinking […]

Dangers of Jelqing

Even though men have been concerned about penis enlargement ever since the beginning of time, many still remain in the dark, and these people are also the ones which tend to offer their opinions even though they know nothing about the subject. Of course this is a common human trait, in and some people like […]

Penis Exercises

Erect Stretch With the Erect Stretch you stretch using the erect tissues of your penis. Many men have claimed this exercise has help to lengthen their penis. When you are doing this, be sure you remain cautious. These are high intensity exercises and should only be done with a conditioned penis. Until you have been […]

Male Enhancement Pills Revealed

There are male enhancement pills on the market that can help increase feelings of pleasure, penis size, and performance — which of course, most men would truly want. You don’t necessarily have to take prescription medication, though, to do that. Why might male enhancement pills be right for you? Unfortunately, the problems of “performance” issues […]

How To Get A Bigger Penis

Do you want to enlarge your penis? A lot of men are overly concerned about the size of their penis rather than their partners, but these concerns most of the time are unfounded. If you have a penis that is at least 2 inches or even longer, it is already big enough to perform any […]